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The Seville Airport Bus From and To SVQ Airport

The only public transit mode connecting Seville Airport to the city center is the bus. Convenient and affordable, the bus is widely preferred mostly by passengers on a tight budget. Verily, the AE (Especial Aeropuerto) Line travels from and to San Pablo Airport, linking the airport with every part of the city, with stops on its east, central, and west sides.

The AE Seville Airport Bus

The Tussam (Urban transports of Seville Municipal Corporation) company handles the bus lines serving the city of Seville. As far as connections from and to the airport are concerned, they are served by the AE Line (Especial Aeropuerto). Hence, the bus departs from San Pablo Airport and heads to the west side of Seville making several stops on its way. Thus, it calls at around the main train station (Santa Justa Station) and continues its way to downtown Seville. Paseo de Las Delicias and Marques de Paradas are two of its most central stops. Finally, its terminus lies at Plaza de Armas Bus Station.

The Seville Airport Bus Schedule

The AE Bus needs around 46 minutes to travel from SVQ Airport to its terminus, at Plaza de Armas Bus Station. It runs from 05:20 am to 01:00 am from the airport both on weekdays and during weekends and holidays. In contrast, it departs from Plaza de Armas from 04:30 am to 00:05 am heading to Seville Airport. Overall, AE operates at a 15-minute frequency. Expectantly, its routes are scarcer during the night and in the early morning hours.

The Bus Stop at Seville Airport

Passengers opting for a bus ride from San Pablo Airport will easily spot the airport’s bus stop. Thus, after collecting their luggage, all they’ll have to do is head to the terminal’s exit doors. The bus stop is located right outside the SVQ terminal, on the Arrivals level (Ground floor).

Tickets and Fares for the Seville Airport Bus

In general terms, the charging system of Seville buses is simple. Hence, you can opt for a single ticket (univiaje ticket) costing 4€/4.40$ and travel from the airport to your destination in Seville. Please note that the ticket can’t be used for other bus rides and that passengers don’t get a refund in case of lost or stolen tickets. Alternatively, you can buy a return ticket, at a 6€/6.55$ price. However, you must use the return ticket on the same day of purchase. Your last option is to use a Multi-trip (multiviaje) Card. Those cards are rechargeable, costing around 1.50€/1.64$. Still, that amount of money is to be refunded when returning the card. The Multi-trip Travelcards can be topped with a minimum of 7€/7.65$ and a maximum of 50€/54.60$. They can be used by multiple passengers and are valid for bus and tram journeys. Please note that there are two fares for urban rides (except for airport journeys): 0.69€/0.75$ for trips without an upcoming transfer (sin tranbordo) and 0.76€/0.83$ for trips with onward transfers within a one-hour time frame (con transbordo). In any case, children under 3 years of age travel for free.

Tickets can be purchased from the driver or the automatic ticket machines lying on the SVQ terminal. Payments are accepted in cash and bank cards. That being said, drivers aren’t obligated to give change from large bills. As a matter of fact, from 09:00 pm, passengers have to pay with the exact amount of money.

Our Tip: Even though Travelcards can be used for airport rides, they can’t be bought at the airport.


How much is the bus from Seville Airport to city center?

A one-way ticket from Seville Airport costs 4€/4.40$. The Seville airport bus fare for return journeys, on the other hand, is 6€/6.55$. Tickets can be bought onboard or from the ticket machines located at the SVQ terminal.

Does Seville Airport have a bus station?

San Pablo Airport has a bus station. Hence, the Seville airport bus (the EA Line) departs from the bus stop, lying outside the terminal’s doors. The bus stop is to be found on the Arrivals level, on the terminal’s Ground floor.

Can you pay by card on Seville airport bus?

You can pay the fare for the Seville airport bus in cash or via a credit/debit card. Hence, you can use either of the payment methods to pay for your bus ticket. Still, if you intend on paying in cash, you should carry small bills with you.