How to get from Seville Airport to Càdiz

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Transit Options from Seville Airport to Càdiz

Are you planning on visiting the beautiful city of Càdiz once landing at San Pablo Airport? Lying 129km/80 miles away from SVQ Airport, Càdiz is the oldest city in Western Europe. The coastal destination attracts numerous visitors who get enchanted by the city’s churches and cathedral, the museums, and the castles, and the scenic squares ornamented with palm trees and traditional buildings, as well as travelers who relish spending time on the beach or exploring its vibrant nightlife. If you want to be one of them, you’ll have to find your way from Seville Airport to Càdiz. To begin with, you can opt for an airport taxi ride, a rental car, or a Seville airport transfer to get to your journey’s end. Alternatively, you can settle on a cheaper public transit solution. Nevertheless, you won’t find direct bus or train routes to Càdiz.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi170185.7080 min
Bus + Train17.3018.90140 min
Bus19.6521.50135 min

Seville Airport to Càdiz by Taxi

Seville airport taxis are always available at the SVQ taxi rank located just outside the Arrivals hall. They are white with a yellow diagonal stripe on their back door while the city’s shield is displayed on one side of each vehicle and the license number on the other. Their rates must also be clearly visible, stuck in one of the vehicle’s doors or windows. Overall, they offer effective and reliable services. Still, some scamming incidents have been reported during airport rides. Hence, you should never trust individual drivers. Conversely, you should catch your cab from the official taxi stand, while it is advisable to negotiate a fixed price with your driver before beginning your ride.

Not all Seville airport taxi drivers speak English fluently (or at all). Thus, you should have your accommodation’s address written on a piece of paper.

Even though Seville airport taxis have set fares for rides to the city center, they are metered when it comes to intercity journeys.  Thus, Rates 7 and 8 apply to journeys from Seville Airport to Càdiz. The charged fees according to these rates are:

Rate 7 (from Monday to Friday, from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm)

  • Initial charge: 3.27€/3.57$
  • Cost per km: 0.63€/0.69$
  • One hour of waiting time: 15.67€/17.12$

Rate 8 (on weekends, holidays, and from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am on weekdays)

  • Initial charge: 1.63€/1.78$
  • Cost per km: 0.75€/0.82$
  • One hour of waiting time: 18.83€/20.57$

Please note that extra charges may apply. For instance, luggage weighing more than 10kg/22lbs or measuring more than 55X40X20cm (21x15x7.8 inches) are charged at 0.53€/0.58$ per item. What’s more, if you call for your cab, you’ll have to pay an additional fee equivalent to the taximeter’s indication from the location where the taxi driver accepts the call to the pick-up point.

Seville airport taxi drivers accept payments in cash or via bank cards. Still, many taxi vehicles haven’t been yet equipped with POS. Moreover, taxi drivers often claim that their POS doesn’t operate to get paid in cash. Therefore, you should let the driver know that you are planning on paying with a credit/debit card. On the other hand, tipping the driver isn’t obligatory.

Overall, your taxi ride from Seville Airport to Càdiz will last around 80 minutes and cost approximately 170€/185.70$. Still, during peak hours, the journey’s duration may be up to 110 minutes. Consequently, if you haven’t agreed with your driver on a set price, the final fare will be higher too.

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Seville Airport to Càdiz by Bus + Train

As already mentioned, you can’t travel directly from Seville Airport to Càdiz via the public transit network. Still, you can take the Seville airport bus (the AE Line-Especial Aeropuerto) and head to Santa Justa Station, the main city’s rail hub lying centrally in Seville. The ride with the AE Line will last around 25 minutes under normal traffic conditions. The bus stop at San Pablo Airport is to be found outside the main exit doors of the Arrivals level, while to get to Santa Justa Station, you’ll have to alight at Aux. Kansas City (Estacion Santa Justa) stop, outside the central rail hub. The AE Bus runs from 05:20 am to 01:00 am, every 15 minutes (with scarcer routes during off-peak hours), and its ticket costs 4€/4.40$. Please note that tickets can’t be used on other tram or bus lines. On the other hand, children up to 3 years old don’t pay for their tickets. In any case, tickets can be bought onboard (in cash or via a bank card) or from the automatic vendors near the SVQ bus stop. If you intend on purchasing the ticket from the driver in cash, you should carry small bills with you as drivers often don’t have enough change.

Once reaching Santa Justa Station, you’ll have to take one of the train routes to Càdiz. Trains run from 06:40 am (07:45 am on Saturdays and 08:30 am on Sundays) to 09:50 pm with approximately hourly routes. You’ll find both ALVIA (high-speed) and media-distancia (MD) trains traveling from Seville Airport to Càdiz. ALVIA Trains need 90 minutes to reach the train station in Càdiz and cost around 32€/35$, whereas MD Trains head to Càdiz in about 115 minutes and their prices start from 13.30€/14.50$. Online bookings are recommended. Even more so, early-in-advance reservations come with lower prices.

Thus, your overall ride from Seville Airport to Càdiz via the AE Bus and the train will last around 140 minutes and cost 17.30€/18.90$.

Our Tip: There is a taxi rank located right outside the train station in Càdiz.

Seville Airport to Càdiz by Bus

Alternatively, you can opt for an indirect bus ride from Seville Airport to Càdiz. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that trains are considered more comfortable when it comes to traveling with luggage. In any case, if you have settled on a bus journey to your destination, you’ll have to take the Seville airport bus AE (paying a 4€/4.40$ ticket) to Estación de autobuses Plaza Prado de San Sebastian. Your ride will last around 32 minutes.

Once alighting at the train station, you’ll catch one of the Comes Buses heading to Càdiz Bus Station. They run from 07:00 am to 09:00 pm on weekdays, and from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekends every couple of hours. Please note that only one route operates in the evenings (at 07:00 pm). Buses need 1h and 45 min to reach their terminus. One-way tickets cost 15.65€/17.10$, whereas round trips are more affordable as they are priced at 20.50€/22.40$. Online bookings come with a seat selection.

Thus, the total cost of the bus ride from Seville Airport to Càdiz is 19.65€/21.50$, and the journey’s duration is around 2h and 15 min (135 minutes).

Car Rental from Seville Airport to Càdiz

Seville airport car rentals are recommended for rides from Seville Airport to Càdiz. With a rental car, you get to travel to the scenic coastal city at your own pace, making stops on the way and planning your journey exactly as you like. Sevilla Airport houses plenty of car rental providers. Thus, fares are competitive, while fleets consist of various vehicle models. As a matter of fact, if you book your Seville car rental early in advance, you’ll find tempting deals and offers.

The ride with your car rental from Seville Airport to Càdiz usually lasts around 80 minutes. Still, if roads are congested, you may need up to 110 minutes to traverse the 129 km/80-mile distance to Càdiz. Once arriving at Càdiz, you’ll have to park your vehicle. Many hotels offer parking services. If this is not the case, you can use one of the car parks lying around the city (in-advance reservations are also recommended). Alternatively, free street parking is possible on the city’ outskirts. What’s more, blue parking spaces are free for a 3-hour period of time.

Seville Airport Transfers from Seville Airport to Càdiz

Seville airport transfers are the most hassle-free way to travel from Seville Airport to Càdiz. When booking a private airport transfer, you’ll find your driver waiting for you at the Arrivals hall, ready to help you with your personal items, lead you to the vehicle parked outside the terminal, and drive you smoothly to the exact location of your destination in Càdiz, answering to all your questions on the way. Furthermore, the provided services will be utterly customized. From the vehicle’s model to any extra required amenities, the ride will be suited to your exact requirements. Expectantly, the cost of the journey will be somewhat higher than an ordinary taxi ride. Still, if you search and compare the options, you may ferret out not-to-be-missed deals.


How to get from Seville Airport to Càdiz?

The only direct (and therefore, convenient) ways to travel from Seville Airport to Càdiz are via an airport taxi, a private airport transfer, or an independent car rental. Alternatively, you can opt for a cheaper public ride to your destination. Nevertheless, you’ll have to use the AE Line to reach Seville in order to take the train or the Comes Bus to your journey’s end.

Can you get a bus from Seville Airport to Càdiz?​

There isn’t a direct bus line linking Seville Airport to Càdiz. Hence, you’ll have to take the Seville airport bus (the AE Line) to Estación de autobuses Plaza Prado de San Sebastian. From there, you’ll have to catch one of the Comes Buses traveling to Càdiz.

How much is a taxi from Càdiz to Seville Airport?

The fares for rides from Seville Airport to Càdiz are metered. Thus, they are calculated based on the traversed distance and the traveling time. In any case, a taxi ride from SVQ to Càdiz usually costs around 170€/185.70$.