Seville Airport Guide

Useful Information and Tips about Seville Airport

General Airport Information

Seville Airport is the only airport near Seville, one of the two international airports in Andalusia, and the sixth busiest hub in Spain. Located 10km/6 miles from the city of Seville, the airport is utterly easy to navigate as it consists of just one terminal building. Overall, it houses 18 airlines and handles flights from and to 76 destinations, most of which are domestic.


The small but important Seville Airport consists of just one terminal building. Thus, both Arrivals and Departures are to be found at the same terminal, spread over different floors, while all destinations (domestic, Shenzhen, and non-Shenzhen) are served from SVQ’s one and only terminal.


San Pablo Airport doesn’t house any inside-the-airport accommodation options. Still, you’ll find various hotels near Seville Airport, should you want to spend the night (the airport is closed from 01:30 am to 04:30 am) or are simply looking for a close-by solution. On the other hand, a wide number and variety of lodging alternatives are to be found scattered around Seville.


SVQ Airport is a small aviation hub. Nevertheless, it provides its passengers with all the necessary parking facilities. From short-term to long-stay solutions, passengers, who depart from the international Andalusian airport, can make use of the Seville airport parking premises to park their vehicles safely.

Layover at the Airport

San Pablo Airport may not be a major international air hub, but it has all the necessary services and amenities to guarantee a pleasant traveling experience for its passengers. Hence, a layover at Seville Airport won’t be just a waste of time. On the other hand, SVQ Airport lies close to the city center. Thus, during a long layover, you can easily explore the beautiful Andalusian capital.