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The Single Terminal Building of Sevilla Airport

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Seville Airport has One Terminal Building

Despite its significance, Sevilla Airport is a relatively small aviation hub. Thus, Departures and Arrivals (both international and domestic) are located in the same terminal building. In other words, SVQ Airport has only one terminal building.

Nevertheless, the SVQ terminal is modern and new. As a matter of fact, it was constructed during the total airport’s renovation within the context of the Seville Expo ’92. At that time, the old terminal was abandoned, being used as a cargo terminal ever since, and the newly built terminal started serving the passenger traffic from that moment on. Moreover, the terminal underwent an additional refurbishment, which was completed in 2022.

The SVQ Terminal’s Design

Despite its small size, the SVQ airport terminal is modern and unique. Verily, it is efficiently technologically advanced -at least when compared to similar-sized airdromes, and not to vast Europe’s aviation hubs – while bearing a unique design. Thus, San Pablo Airport isn’t another impersonal airport. As a matter of fact, it is in complete accordance with Seville’s cultural style and tradition, being the perfect gateway to and from the beautiful Andalusian city. For instance, passengers can instantly spot three of the most important elements dominating Seville’s ambiance and image. Hence, bushy orange trees are surrounding the airport, while horseshoe arches (reflecting the mosque’s architectural style) and blue-tiled spaces (pointing to the traditional decoration of local palaces) are most obvious on the terminal’s interior. Overall, Seville Airport tends to be a city’s attraction as well.

The Configuration of Seville Airport Terminal

Seville airport terminal is a small terminal with an optimized layout. Thus, it is considered a passenger-friendly terminal. Indeed, it is easy to be navigated.

The Ground floor of the SVQ airport terminal houses the Arrivals. From that level, passengers can also access the airport’s ground transportation. Hence, the taxi ranks, the bus stops, and the car rental pick-up areas are to be found outside Level 0 of the terminal. Customs and passport control points (for travelers coming from non-Schengen area countries) also lie on that floor. Passengers landing at Sevilla Airport will find the baggage carousels here as well. With 8 carousels found at the Baggage Reclaim area, the screens indicating the number of the carousel handling the luggage from each flight are usually proven extremely handy.

The terminal’s First floor hosts the Departures. Here, passengers departing from Sevilla Airport can find 42 check-in counters (nevertheless, there aren’t automatic ones), baggage wrapping services, and the security control area. After passing through the control procedures, they access the airside zone of the airport, where the majority of shops, eateries, and amenities are to be found. San Pablo Airport has 19 Gates. In fact, 15 doors lie at the post-security area leading to 5 boarding bridges or to the stops of aircraft buses handling rides from and to the arriving or departing airplanes.

The Future of Sevilla Airport

Seville Airport is an international airport that mostly handles domestic flights. Verily, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and Madrid are its top destinations. The last SVQ renovation led to the enlargement of its passenger traffic. Hence, it can nowadays serve up to 10 million passengers annually. Nevertheless, its international traffic is ever-rising. Therefore, although not scheduled, a further terminal expansion is always probable.


Is Seville Airport large?

Seville Airport is a relatively small aviation hub despite serving both domestic and international flights. However, it is a modern airport, offering its passenger all the necessary services and amenities.

How many terminals does Seville Airport have?

Seville Airport has only one terminal building. It has been recently renovated. Thus, nowadays, SVQ airport terminal houses both Arrivals and Departures, with its premises spread over two levels.

How many gates does Seville Airport have?

Seville Airport has a total of 19 gates. They are all located on the SVQ terminal’s First floor, where Departures are to be found. Passengers board their planes either via one of the 5 boarding bridges or via the aircraft buses.