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The Seville Airport Parking Options

Sevilla Airport is a relatively small airdrome. Thus, it has only two parking facilities; one addressed to passengers planning on parking their vehicle for a short or medium period of time and one ideal for longer parking requirements. Still, the two parking facilities utterly cope with the SVQ passengers’ parking needs.

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The Short-Term Seville Airport Parking P1

The general Seville airport parking -P1- is situated just a minute away from the Departures and Arrivals’ doors and is the perfect solution for short or medium stays. Thus, if you are planning to park your car at SVQ Airport for an up-to-4-day period, P1 Car Park should be your number one option.

It is a multi-story parking lot (spread over 5 floors), open around the clock and camera-surveilled. With a capacity of 1822 parking spots, it is the main SVQ parking facility, equipped with guidance systems, info counters, and designated zones for passengers with mobility issues.

You can pay your parking fees in cash or via a debit/credit card at the car park’s ticket kiosks or automatic machines. Mobile payments are also an option, yet only for travelers who are members of Aena Club. Even though the parking spaces are more than enough, pre-booking your spot is always a good idea, bringing up better prices and value-for-money deals. You can reserve your spot in advance using the Aena app or its website or via phone. Please keep in mind that bookings are accepted up to 3 hours before the estimated time of arrival.

As far as P1 prices are concerned, they vary depending on the parking duration, the time of the year, etc. Members of Aena Club are entitled to considerably lower fees, while early in-advance bookings almost always come with low-cost fares. Overall, the P1 Seville airport parking lot isn’t expensive. For instance, the price for an 8-hour stay should be 18.95€/20.70$ without a previous reservation and only 14€/15.30$ if you settle on pre-booking your parking spot.

In any case, the P1’s pricelist is the following:

  • First minute: 0.61€/0.67$
  • First 30 minutes (per minute): 0.02€/0.022$
  • From 31 and on (per minute): 0.03€/0.033$
  • Maximum charge per day (up to 4 days): 19€/20.80$
  • From 5th day (per day): 17€/18.60$

The Long-Term Seville Airport Parking P2

The Long-stay Seville Airport Parking Lot (P2) handles the long-term parking needs of SVQ passengers. Lying just 3 minutes from the terminal’s doors, P2 is monitored 24/7 and offers 948 covered parking spaces. Moreover, SVQ travelers with electric vehicles will find electric charging stations in the car park, whereas there are designated areas for persons with reduced mobility. Overall, the P2 Car Park is recommended for over 4-day stays.

Parking at the P2 Parking Lot isn’t possible without a prior reservation. As a matter of fact, previous bookings are accepted up to 3 hours before the arrival time. You can book your SVQ parking spot (not a specific one though, you’ll have to find an empty spot to park your vehicle) through the Aena app, its website, or via phone. Moreover, ticket counters and automatic machines are to be found at the car park’s premises, accepting both payments in cash and bank cards. Please note that mobile payments are available only for Aena members.

How Much does P2 Seville Airport Cost?

You should always keep in mind that early reservations for the P2 Parking Lot usually come with lower fares. In general terms, you should expect to be charged according to the following price table:


Parking DurationPrice (€)Price ($)
4 days2325.10
5 days3032.80
6 days4549.20
1 week5155.70
1 month162177

More Parking Services at Seville Airport

Valet parking services are also provided at Sevilla Airport. Thus, you can drop off your vehicle in front of the Seville airport’s Departures area and have one of the experienced members of the airport staff park it. Once returning to SVQ, you can pick up the car from the agreed meeting point. This is, without a doubt, the most convenient and hassle-free parking option at Sevilla Airport. Moreover, VIP parking spots are to be found (the closest to the terminal parking spaces) at the P1 premises, available to passengers for a higher fee.

P1 Express Car Park -lying right in front of the terminal’s doors- is the pick-up and drop-off zone of SVQ Airport. Hence, you can leave your vehicle there for 10 minutes without being charged. Nevertheless, it remains closed for the moment.


How much is parking at the Seville Airport?

Seville Airport has two parking lots; one serving the short-term and medium-long parking needs of its passengers and one being suitable for longer stays. Their prices are somewhat the same as they are both located really close to the terminal. As a matter of fact, the P2 Long-stay Parking Lot is slightly cheaper. Thus, if, for example, you are planning on parking your car at Seville Airport for 4 days, you’ll pay around 23€/25.10$ at P2 and 26€/28.40$ at the Short-term P1 (57€/62.30$ without a previous reservation).

Can you stay overnight at Seville Airport?

No, staying in Seville Airport during the night isn’t an option. Verily, SVQ Airport isn’t open 24/7, but remains closed approximately from 01:30 am to 04:30 am.

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